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Make a PHIA complaint

Complaints must be made to the ombudsman in writing, although there is no specific form that you are required to complete. You are encouraged to contact our office at 204-982-9130 or toll free 1-800-665-0531 to speak with a member of our Intake Services team about what information to provide in making your PHIA complaint.

Complaint About Access

You may complain to the ombudsman about any decision, act or failure to act by a trustee that relates to your request to access your personal health information. This includes a refusal by the trustee to give you access to the personal health information as well as a refusal by the trustee to correct your personal health information. A complaint may also be made about an unreasonable delay by the trustee in responding to your request, or about an unreasonable or unauthorized fee for accessing your personal health information.

To make a complaint about access, you may write a letter to the ombudsman describing your complaint or you may complete the PHIA Access Complaint Form.

Complaint About Privacy

If you believe that your personal health information has been collected, used or disclosed by a trustee in a way that does not comply with PHIA, you may make a complaint to the ombudsman. You may also complain to the ombudsman if you believe that a trustee has failed to protect your personal health information in a secure manner, as required by PHIA. While there is no time limit for making a privacy complaint, the ombudsman may decide not to investigate a privacy complaint if too much time has passed, so your complaint should be made as soon as possible.

The ombudsman has developed PHIA questionnaires to assist you in making a privacy complaint to our office.